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The Sufi Way


Glossary in Sufi Terms

Shaykh              > a guide of spiritual hearts & Master
Tariqa              > spiritual way /path
Zawiya              > a place which is devoted to the remembrance of Allah
Allah                   > GOD
Sidi                     > a title offered in respect to one’s fellow companions in the Sufi path, lit. ‘my lord’
Faqir                   > masc.singular term used for a male Disciple on the Sufi path lit. means poor/needy in front of GOD
Fuqara               > masc.plural term, same as above
Faqirah             > fem..  sing & plural term, used for female Disciple/s on the Sufi path lit. means poor/needy in front of GOD
Mawlid / Moulid > celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad
Hadra               > lit. Presence. In this instance meaning Divine Presence
Pact                    >

Musfaha/Baya. A promise made by an individual with GOD upon entering a Sufi Path. A promise to seek GOD by means of purifying and perfecting one’s heart with the remembrance of GOD.  The pact is made with an Authorised spiritual Master or his representative/s linking it to Prophet Muhammad through a chain of
spiritual transmission .

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Dhikr > invocation /remembrance of Divine, individual or group

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