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Love is from HIM (GOD)

A poem by R. Dean


When their sight sets on each others Hearts
Love flows from the eyes in the form of tears

Adoration and revival opens a discourse
this is Mahabba ; love of the soul

Love is from Divine
Pure, Luminous, Heavenly

He loves His creation
so creation has to love creation

Love those whom He loves
He will love you for your love of them

When He loves......
Gabriel informs the universe of this love

"He loves so and so"
; Love becomes an obligation

Many lovers have expressed this love
and weren't they fortunate

Love of Him is in existence
hurry to it with no resistance

He asks...............................
"did you not care for me when I asked for your help"

Don't maltreat His creation
for it is loved by Him

Love them to love Him
He will love you

you will live with His love
and see reality of "Remember Me and I will remember you"


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