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Poem of Love

"Love (Mahabba) is the crowning glory of men's / women's actions". ...."Love causes all cultural differences to vanish. It is love which puts hearts to work together in harmonious movement and action. Love is the spiritís tutor".....

"The veils of the Evident have been lifted
The Lights of the individuality have appeared
They've manifested from nowhere
Have a look at them O Sufi's
I'm the mirror of my Beloved
In His love O my spirit have joy
Other than Him O my sole discard
And throw away (all) bad deeds
As He manifested in these beings
I've bowed and a prostrated
Thankful and grateful to Him
As He folded me in His Essence
What happiness upon my connection
What continuity upon my annihilation
What illumination in my heaven
What an everlasting (spiritual) life
The water carrier has come onto us
And offered us the drinking (cup)
So we drank until we quenched
From the cups (drinks) of the Nobility
He called: take advantage of this livelihood
Many (came as) dead and became alive
GOD forbid he shall not be disappointed
He who comes with sincere intention
Empty youíre for manifestation
Extend your (inner) eye for observation
Otherness O my friend abandon
And annihilate in The Exalted Essence
And drink the cup (drink) loudly
And do not see shame in drinking
Loosen yourself and don't be restrained
In The Sacred/Divine Meanings."


"Love all creatures, whatever their religion might be or their race and opinions. Everyone has his/her place in the divine pattern. It is not for us to judge." 


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